Service Details

Risk Assurance Services

Our Risk Assurance team supports organizations to effectively navigate business risks and opportunities, in the ever-changing world of regulatory, technological and operational changes. We apply our experience in helping clients embrace complexity to accelerate performance, disrupt through innovation, mitigate risks and achieve goals and objectives. Our experienced audit professionals can help you with a full range of risk assurance and advisory services to ensure you’re ready if that time may come


Internal Audit Services

Axiom World’s internal audit approach incorporates the expertise needed to address the key risks your organization faces. Our experienced team is well-versed in the local regulatory environment, and will efficiently assess and test the financial, operational, information technology, and compliance risks your organization may be exposed to.

As your trusted advisors, we proactively and consultatively use a risk-based methodology to develop innovative solutions to address your internal audit needs. We remain current on the latest regulatory requirements and industry leading practices, allowing us to evaluate risks within your organization.

  • Co Sourcing & Outsourcing Internal Audit services (including IT audits)
  • Internal Audit Governance
  • Internal audit risk assessment and planning
  • Internal Audit Strategy, Effectiveness Advisory and Review
  • Internal Audit Software implementation assistance
  • Internal Audit External / Internal Quality Review
  • Internal Audit Trainings

Corporate Governance

Axiom World’s specialized team in Corporate Governance have years of experience in assisting the clients evaluating, developing and implementing corporate governance practices, in line with the regulatory guidelines alongside international practices e.g. Basel standards and OECD guidelines on Corporate Governance. We understand what good governance looks like and we assist our clients to meet the highest standards of corporate governance.

  • Corporate Governance Diagnostic Review
  • Development of Corporate Governance Framework
  • Governance policies and procedures
  • Corporate Governance Benchmarking
  • Corporate Governance Risk Mapping


Compliance is not only about complying with the law and regulations but to embrace compliance in the day-to-day business of the Company. It is important for the organizations to adapt the philosophy “Compliance is everyone’s responsibility’ to ensure that each employee, management and board member carry out their responsibility with care and due diligence. Regulatory landscape around the world is changing at a rapid pace and the organizations needs to keep up with the changes to achieve their objectives and meet regulatory requirements. Our understanding of local regulatory environment and through knowledge provide us the edge of assisting the clients to develop, enhance and implement effective compliance activities.

  • Risk Based compliance framework
  • Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Compliance monitoring plan and program
  • Compliance Health Check
  • Compliance Red flags and mapping with processes

Internal Control Assessment

Our specialized team in internal control review operates efficiently and effectively, identifying key risks the organization faces and the internal controls implemented by the management. We focus on your business risks, keeping up to date on the latest trends, evaluate the efficacy of the internal controls implemented and recommend the most appropriate controls to mitigate the risks the Company may be exposed to.

  • Internal Control Framework
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • COSO Framework Maturity Assessment
  • Development of Risk Registers and Control Registers

Conduct Risk Management

Our Conduct Risk services are focused on assisting the clients to establish a formal conduct and culture program. Our team provides advice to help organizations understand conduct risk, where the risks lies and shift from a reactive to a proactive management of their business practices, employees’ behavior, and customer ideology.

  • Conduct Risk Management Program
  • Conduct Risk Assessment and controls evaluation
  • Diagnosis and mapping of conduct risk with business processes
  • Red flags identification, monitoring and reporting

Fraud Risk Management

Every organization is prone to fraud and our team has worked with various financial institutions to evaluate the readiness of fraud preventive controls and fraud awareness. We assisted our clients in developing robust fraud framework and ensuring they are well equipped to identify, evaluate and mitigate any fraud.

  • Development of Fraud Risk Framework
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Mapping of Red flags with business activities
  • Assistance in fraud investigations and reporting
  • Fraud Risk Awareness trainings and sessions